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The stripping technology

The fluid bed removes from the metal in a bath of hot sand as media, and in constant movement the organic and anorganic contained therein. Hence the term "fluid bed." At the end of the cycle there will be no distortion or deformation, normally associated with the pyrolysis furnaces or of burnings. Why the temperature in the mass sandy is taking the characteristics of a liquid, remains constant and uniform at all times and in all areas. Also in the case of hot runners or chains sand it moves at low speed penetrating everywhere but in any channel and so creating also movement inside the pieces. In areas otherwise unreachable.



Fluidbed close-up  

The sand is heated by a flame at surface controlled by a thermoregulator. The pieces to handle are instead protected in the middle of the sandy mass in motion, and in constant temperature. The sand does not have absolute abrasive power due to the low speed movement.


The temperature of the sand is set according to the type of plastic to be removed, the size of the piece and its shape. Typical temperatures range from 400 to 440 ° C. Only in special cases for instance liquid crystal set 480 ° C. However under temperatures the reinveniment steels 620-700 ° C.

Plastic once surrounded the piece starts at once to gassify, it passes from solid state to gas state directly with minimum stays range at 300 - 370 ° C. In fact the remaing in that range of temperature creates carbonization , hard to remove after.

The organic gases generated are passing through the high temperature in post combustion. The sand is self cleaning and expels all cracked anorganic materials. All anorganic led to the outside are blocked on the self cleaning ceramic filter.

Safety, cleanliness, speed and ecologically compatible: words that are not normally associated with these types of operation!



Radiators after fluidbed cleaning


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