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The cleaning of hot runner, extrusion head, spinnerettes and nozzles...From any type of plastics!

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Faster, efficient, high tech and professionality in the cleaning of hot runners or others parts from plastic.

It wants to be a cleaning service specialized in the plastic removal or
cloggings of passage in hot runners (manifolds) also inner,
otherwise unattainable, without removals of stoppers cap or heaters resistances. The typical application is that one of the cleaning of the hot runner,  inner and external. Very tried technology and well known on the national territoryen. The application in wide fields where are pieces with otherwise unattainable inner channels on much sometimes expensive mechanical parts.

These operations are likely to be performed by you in different ways now mechanically damaging pieces or open flame. Pieces perhaps expensive, so reducing 'life and increasing costs of conducting installations, spare parts as well as new maintenance times. You can reduce us with production costs.

Hooks before cleaning   Hooks after cleaning
Hot Runner Hasco with nozzles
The thermal cleaning by fluid bed 'widely regarded as "Best Available Technology" in Europe and can' give an excellent result cleaning, incomparable. Fast, safe and short cycle. But the crucial point in 'that this technique assures components treated a uniform and constant temperature profile that erases the possibility' of distortion or damage to pieces. Furthermore, the temperature due to its constance can 'be reduced to the minimum necessary to achieve the objective of cleaning.

Frequently these types of operations are handled by third parties equipped like us.

Now you can choose your cleaning service reliable, fast, total.


Nozzle before fluidbed cleaning   Nozzle after fluidbed clean  
Effective and fast removal of plastic or organic powder coating partst, paints polymer getting the pieces without alterations or damage to the structure. As new.


Among our customers include excellent references. Also required speed 'in trust', more 'refund pieces in 24 hours. Please give us a try.

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Hot runner 
Extrusion heads 
Moulding nozzles 
Extrusion spinnerettes
Static Mixer
Die heads for film  
Spinning packs
Pieces to be recovered for plastification 
Small hooks from painting powder
Corks for radiators
Polymer filters


Fluidbed sand
The fluid bed in ': fast, secure and efficient.




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