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Applications of the Fluid Bed

Tinazzi V. is one of the first three in Italy devoted to the technology of the Fluid Bed for the removal of the plastic together with the many companies that already use inside their own works these machines. The termic process allows an elimination of plastic in a safe manner from the metallic components. The operational site is established in Italy but in collaboration with other global patners also operating with this technology. Experiences and new applications come in fact from the most advanced countries with us in an active collaboration.


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The fluid bed is considered the "Best Available Technology for these applications. In North America as in Europe.


The cleaning with Fluid bed is used by important world leaders in the building of hot channels for example Husky, Mold Master, Dme, Dynisco, Hasco, Ottomanner ... as well as important companies in the automotive sector Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Bosch, Renault, Volswaghen, BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Audi, Creda, Honda, Rover to name a few. The producers of compound and plastic material uses as Bayer, GE Plastics, Nevicolor, Clariant, Ciba, Basell, Schulman Plastics, Basf .......see on the manufacturer. www.keppelseghers.com

Typical applications include:
  • Cleaning of hot runners
  • Cleaning of screws and cylinders
  • Cleaning of the polymer filters
  • Cleaning of extrusion spinnerettes
  • Cleaning of spinning blocks
  • Cleaning of hooks and frames of paint powders and polymer
  • Stripping of radiators, caps and other items to be recovered
  • New applications such as removal of sand from merges of aluminium and termic treatments of merges

    We believe in fact that it can remove any organic cover from any piece of steel.
    The cleaning of hot channels Huski from 32 till 96 cavity.

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